Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I post my web pages?

Using FTP, connect to and upload your files. Be sure to upload them into the 'html' sub directory. You will need to use your login and password to get in. Although Internet Explorer does support anonymous FTP, it will not work for this purpose because you need to supply your login and password. Most Web page authoring tools support a "publish" feature where you can setup your FTP parameters. You can also use FTP at the Windows command line, but be warned it is not user friendly.

How do I view my www logs?

Point your web browser to http://yourdomain/webalizer.

How can I get access to the bare web server log files?

Using FTP cd to your logs directory and do a 'get' of the files. View them on your computer using a text file editor (notepad, MS Word, etc.)

How do I obtain my domain name?

You need to purchase your domain from one of the handful of domain registrars. Examples are: or

How do I connect my domain to web services?

At your domain registrar, enter the following DNS servers:, & Please keep in mind changes to your setup may take 24-48 hours before they are visible on the entire Internet.

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